Project Name :  PlayMemoryGame.Com powered by Easy Learning Script
  Project Task :  It is a place for testing your Memory or Concentration while learning any subject such as software testing
  Software Used :  PHP, MySQL and Ajax
   Easy Learning for Improving Memory or Concentration Power

Easy learning:-

There are many different ways available to improve our memory. One of the ways is playing matching Games to get the pairs
matched in minimum attempts. There are lots of websites available to provide these types of memory matching games.
We wanted to integrate this memory matching game along with the learning process.
So, we released Easy learning. See this link
And also knowing more about this refer below link
Find below some screenshots which will help to understand the working of Easy Learning
1. First Page
First page is default page. It shows the Top Three Scorer in the Easy Learning. Easy Learning has two options
1. Level Option i.e Easy, Medium and Hard. (Marked as a Green Color circle)
2. Topic. (Marked as a Green Color circle)
Easy will have only 6 boxes. Medium will have 12 boxes. And, the Hard will have 20 boxes.
By Default Easy Learning Level is Easy and User must select Topic Name. After Selecting Topic, press Start Game Button.
User can Reset Game, after completed the game for playing game.Start Game Button is Blue Color circle and Reset Game is Red Color circle
1. Easy Learning Game Start Page
After Press Start Game Button Easy Learning game will start like this Page view
3. Playing Easy Learning Game Page
  • Click the ‘Start game’ button. When you click this button timer will start. Anyway, there is no limitation for time.
  • The player has to click on two cards one by one. The cards are turned over,the faces are shown. If the cards match,
    the faces remain visible. If they do not match, the cards will be turned over and only the backs are visible again.
  • If cards have long text, it only displays the particular amount of text. So you can view full text, just mouse over on the ‘question mark’ image.
    It will show full message.
4. Easy Learning Game Completed Page
When you complete the game, it shows the message ‘how much time you take to finish this with score’.
The score will be calculated by correct attempts vs. total attempts .
4. Inform Easy Learning to Friends Page
After Complete the Easy Learning Game User may give our details to show User name in the List and optional for User URL.
It will helps to show user score in Top Scorer list. The users URL Helps to show user details.
When click the user name in the Top Scorer list table will open new window.
4. Easy Learning Top Scorer View Page
User can view Top Scorer in the Easy Learning Game. User can filter the Top Scorer by Members i.e Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 25 Members
and also Levels i.e Easy, Medium, Hard and All Levels also, and Topic filter All or specific Topic name.
All filter drop down list box is marked as green color circle. After Click the Show Result Button. Show Result button is marked red color circle.

Easy learning Admin module:-

The admin module has three options for handling easy learning .
  • Add new topic
  • Add new question for topic
  • View existing question

Add New Topic:-

The below screen shots for adding new topic/subject like php, javascript , software testing.

Add New question for newly added topic:-

There are two ways to add new question and answer for newly added topic/subject or existing one.

One is follow the below screen shot and another one is add a bulk of question and answer from CSV files.

The below screen shot specifies the add only one question at a time. It shows one drop-down box have the list of your
added topics/subjects and side A question and side B question.

You select any one topic/subject from drop down box and add respective question side A and side B question.

See the below screen shot. It shows two form fields.

One is drop down topics/subjects and another one is file upload option. Here it only accepts the CSV files.
So you store your bulk of questions and answers in excel file and save this as CSV.

Once you complete this then come to this screen and select your topic/subject and upload the CSV file which contains your stored data.
After clicking the submit button the data you stored in CSV file is moved to database with your selective topic/subject.

View your existing question:-

This page shows all your questions and answers as default. If you want to view particular topic/subject question,
select topic/subject from drop down it shows all question and answer (side A and side B) of that selected topic only.

Edit existing question:-

You can also edit/update your existing questions. See the above screen shot it has one option ‘Edit’ link in right side of each record.
Clicking the ‘Edit’ link will go to the screen like below screen shot.

This page displays your question (side A and side B) with topic/subject drop down box. Once update needed part and click submit button
it saves your changes in database. You can also change topic name if you want.

For handling above all things we maintain only two tables.

One is for storing topic/subject name and another one is for storing side A, side B questions
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